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    Cemented carbide sheet (tungsten steel sheet) is one of the many materials of cemented carbide. It is named after its rectangular plate (or square). It has good impact resistance, high strength and wear resistance.  With stable performance and high cost performance, Aite Sheet is widely used in making stamping molds, processing silicon steel sheets, making prototype knives, compressor motor iron cores, finished products for motor molds, processing copper, aluminum and non-ferrous metal sheets, and making cold  The upper and lower dies for rolling plate materials, hardwood, aluminum profiles, copper rods, cast iron, non-ferrous metal profiles, suitable for processing high-temperature alloys, stainless steel, high manganese steel, corrosion-resistant parts and other materials.
   The cemented carbide plates produced by our company use cold isostatic pressing and low-pressure sintering processes to minimize or even eliminate cemented carbide pores, so that the structure of the cemented carbide is densified and uniform, so that the performance of the cemented carbide plates can be fully displayed and improved  Strength and toughness.  The company's unique production control and testing technology has controlled the internal stress of the large-size sheet products, effectively avoiding the cracking phenomenon of the product during online cutting, and staying away from defects such as pores and cracks.  The company has a precision processing line that can be processed according to customer requirements.

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